On August 13, Los Angeles proved it’s one of the top locations for high end marijuana parties. The Marijuana Mansion in the Hollywood Hills threw a party attended by politicians, growers, celebrities and even royalty, and it was certainly something to see.

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The party was thrown by Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, who owns the cannabis fertilizer brand Advanced Nutrients. He lives at the Marijuana Mansion, and he’s been in the marijuana scene for decades. Advanced Nutrients is currently the top cannabis fertilizer company in the industry.

Straumietis recently published a book called “The Future of Cannabis.” As the title suggests, it looks into how people will consume cannabis in the future and more. Straumietis told Merry Jane in a recent interview what he thinks about the future of the marijuana industry:

“The future of cannabis is identifying the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Then, you’ll be able to specify what kind of an outcome (high) you are looking for. Think of it this way: If the marijuana flower is the jet…cannabinoids are like the engine and terpenes are the flight control system. Cannabinoids power the high and terpenes direct the vibe. Based on what people want to achieve from the high (stimulating appetite, pain relief etc), we’ll be able to zone in on what in each strain creates the exact experience they hope for. “

There’s also a Marijuana Mansion in Malibu, so you can enjoy cannabis by the beach if you get invited to visit. If California legalizes marijuana in November, we can only imagine there will be many more marijuana parties across the city in the near future.

[Photos via Joey Figueroa/Marijuana Mansion]

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