Hybrid-e1446788597103What we first noticed about the W Vapes Premium Cartridge that we were sent to review, besides the stellar looking packaging, was the solid, classy feel of the combination of the stainless steel silver tip and the glass cartridge. The cartridge looks and feels like it was made for each other in a thoughtful refined way — unlike some other recent cartridges we have encountered.

We decided to bust out our W Vapes Rechargeable Vape Kit for use with this cartridge. FYI, we are still knocked out how well thought out each of their products are. Who’s ever in charge of design and engineering — keep it up, me likey!

We are trying to live a little bit more healthy lifestyle at The 420 Times so we were drawn to the W Vapes Cartridge because of the “organic” listing for this cartridge. According to W Vapes, the plants are from organic growers, the extraction process is clean and healthy (and tested for impurities). So far, we were in on trying out this cartridge!

Our first pull from the cartridge did not disappoint. The tip is cool on your lips which makes that first pull tastes so clean. There is really good flavor in your pull with absolutely no trace of that “chemical taste” that we dread in vape pens. The air flow is perfect to get you a good satisfying pull, every time.

As I enjoy the good taste of the Royal Blueberry, I can feel a smooth relaxing effect (the Royal Blueberry is a hybrid) that soons turns to a relaxed effect on your body.

On the second pull, we are starting to really notice that the Royal Blueberry flavor is so clean, and this is coming from us having gone to flowers in the past just for a better taste.

We would purchase this cartridge, but also the W Vapes Rechargable Vape Kit. They look very good together and feel balanced in your hand.

The W Vapes Premium Cartridge in Royal Blueberry has high marks for strength, taste and potency with an overriding relaxed feeling.

PS: Even if it wasn’t enough how we like this clean, organic cartridge, W Vapes takes it a step farther with full laboratory results on their website on their products. So, if you are concerned about THC, CBDs and the like, you can check the results out at: www.wvapes.com

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