Snoop Dogg, forever famous for his marijuana usage, failed to outdo boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard when asked a marijuana-related question on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday.

“Name something grandma would do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana,” host Steve Harvey asked the two celebrities.

Despite Sugar Ray Leonardo’s history of having fast hands in the boxing ring, Snoop Dogg was eager to answer the marijuana question and buzzed in first. “Put hands on him,” Snoop said. “Hit him,” Snoop later clarified.

Grandma striking grandpa was on the board, but Sugar Ray Leonard’s answer that grandma would scream at grandpa got more points and got his team the round.

And Snoop Dogg isn’t just a marijuana smoker. Oh, no. Snoop Dogg currently has a reputation to uphold because of his marijuana business.

Snoop Dogg’s marijuana company, Leafs by Snoop, premiered in November of last year. The company sells marijuana bud, oils, concentrates and other products. The brand sells Cali Kush, North Lights and many other strains. So, Snoop Dogg, get it together. You have a company to represent.

[Image via YouTube/ABC]

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