Just in time for 4/20, we found this very unique and rare strain called White Gorilla. The breeder has worked with this one of a kind strain for years and has perfected the perfect hybrid. Our review team sat down to discover that this strain is not for amateurs, so you’ve been warned or challenged.

White Gorilla is the child of White Widow and Gorilla Glue #4. White Widow is a classic strain originally from Amsterdam, an award winning strain that is a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace (a strain that was never bred systematically)  and a resin-heavy South Indian indica. Gorilla Glue #4 is also an award winning strain that has Sour Dubb crossed with Chem Sis, which is mainly an indica and sativa combo. The result is the perfect sativa like hybrid that will simply sweep you off your feet for some deep thoughts or have you sweeping the house, depending on your activity.

We found this strain to have a fantastic uplifting vibe that allowed for any activity, as it did not slow us down. White Gorilla is a great morning, day, or anytime flower, suitable for when you have things to do, but can take your time doing them. As easily as the White Gorilla can give you that high in the clouds euphoric feeling, you can easily snap out of it and get right back to work. We like the functionality of this strain, as it allowed our review team to stay focused, yet lifted at the same time. When the euphoria winds down, it slowly mellows out and didn’t seem to couch lock our team. It will make you hungry on an empty stomach, so have some food ideas in mind for later.

The aroma has characteristics of a sweet pine, diesel/ chem notes, with just a hint of dark chocolate at the end, it’s a very unique blend of terpenes. The buds themselves are a medium green with sprinkles of golden blonde hairs weaved throughout. The trichomes make these buds glitter and have a white frost that resembles the White Widow. The structures of these buds definitely show that OG pattern, with a light and fluffy feel when stored in perfect humidity (62%). Simply peel off a small bud off the tree (stem) and get ready to get uplifted.

The flavor when smoked or vaped were similar to how it smells. Our team discovered flavors of a sweet diesel taste with a hint of evergreen pine; it also has a subtle earthy taste as well. The complex, intense flavor and smell really sets this strain off when you first encounter it. Every time we consumed this strain we felt the same wonderful effects; the White Gorilla consistently delivered the goods, which for most of us is a big deal. The caregivers at GMC (Grateful Medications Compassion) have really set the bar high with this strain, it is certainly pampered and treated like royalty while it grows and the results show. Take a cruise down the infamous Melrose Ave strip and make your way down to GMC and discover all they have to offer with their White Gorilla and much more. Make sure to tell them you saw them here in The 420 Times!

GMC is located in the heart of shopping heaven at 7559 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 

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