There’s just nothing better than a jar of weed, especially when the high holiday(s) are upon us; the day, weekend, or week where we celebrate the herb. This year for 4/20 our plans include these babies. This rare strain is so good that it can only be found in a few select collectives in LA. This multi-cup winner has quite the lineage and reputation with patients. This strain recently won for best indica concentrate in the world cup in Jamaica. Today, we’re focusing on the flowers themselves. This OG is clearly a heavy pipe hitting bad ass, because we are floored.

As we’ve stated time and time again; no OG is created equal, nor does an OG have to be a pure indica or sativa, OG’s have that special something that makes them an extraordinary hybrid. The CaliKush farms family has perfected several strains with years of experience. The Emperor OG is no exception; it will command many things from you after you consume it. For example, food, drink, and a nice cozy couch. If you need to get things done, strong focus is needed. This strain will lead you on a never ending path of you tube video watching when you were supposed to be writing this very review!

At first glance and touch the buds have that nice OG pattern, super dense and sticky. The dark green planet of trichomes and brown hairs are dazzling under the light. The smell is unmistakably OG, yet it has a strong robust woodsy aroma followed by some serious spice. Reminds our review team members of a fine red wine for some reason, it just has a distinctive bouquet of aromas. The Emperor OG has a thick and dense smoke that will have you clearing your lungs in no time; it certainly can grab you in the booboo if you’re not careful with small tokes.

Emperor OG got the name it has for a reason, our review team have now become loyal subjects of this majesty of cannabis. Each and every time our team rolled, smoked, or vaped we generally had the same experience that lasted long and strong. Make sure to have your munchies ready for this one, as it will make you hungry even after a meal. We found this strain to give our team a relaxing and yet spirited good time. This strain is so good, it’s rarity is a necessity otherwise we can see how if it was grown by someone other than CaliKush Farms, the genetics and its reputation could get easily squashed. There is no better time than before, during, or after 4/20 to discover the best. We have your hook up for all CaliKush Farms strains at The Kind Center in Van Nuys.

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