After being blindsided by MMRSA, then being hit with local growing and dispensary bans all over the state, marijuana activists have been feeling pretty let down by pot politics in the Golden State lately. But in a single day, there was enough good news for almost everyone:

  • The Feds have finally backed down after literally years of trying to shut Harborside Health Center in Oakland, which apparently drove them nuts because it was so big and blatant.
  • Bucking the previous trend of bans, a number of cities and even counties are starting to realize they could be at the forefront of the Next Big Thing, and now they are starting to compete with each other to become the “Silicon Valley of weed”. Perhaps some entrepreneur will develop a reality show where the mayors have to make a pitch to a team comprised of Ed Rosenthal, Don Duncan, and Mickey Martin.
  • Legal recreational marijuana got a boost from a shindig starring well-connected politicians like Gavin Newsom, who is reportedly angling to become governor in the near future. Newsom and friends are behind AUMA, which they clearly hope will be a success for California like Colorado. Things don’t always work out so neatly around here, though.