Rapper Lil’ Flip is headlining on Saturday, but you totally want to go to the Denver 420 Fest today, because (a) it sounds like an awesome event and (b) we got you a “secret handshake” to get in free! They have comedians and guitarists performing…and a lot of other rappers too. It’s all happening at the Glitter Dome, which I think is kind of like Thunderdome, but not in the Australian desert, more like at 3600 Wynkoop Street. In Denver. That’s Colorado, sorry SoCal peeps.

OK, the magic words to say for free entry are “Da Ma Lifestyle”. Don’t worry, be happy. And you’ll save 10 bucks, which you will need because inside are loads of cool vendors selling cannabis accessories up the wazoo (the wazoo is extra charge though). You could also tell them Old Hippie from The 420 Times sent you, which will get you a smile from me at least.

P.S. The loading animation on the Denver 420 Fest website is pretty trippy!

P.P.S. If you work at a cannabis dispensary or own a cannabis business you get in free too! So I wish I was in Denver, because I’d get in free twice. Right? Anyway, go smoke up first because no consumption is allowed at the event, not that they’d notice me popping Canna Caps anyway. Besides, I’m always already pretty high.

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