3D Pot Printer

3D Pot Printer

After many years working in the deep woods, the Hemp-Happy Hippies Of Humboldt have finally emerged with a new product, and it’s a doozy. Or perhaps a doobie.

The 3D Pot Printer connects to any Windows or Mac computer, and lets you print actual joints, blunts, and even pipes and bongs. They’re all made from an exciting new material that’s like hemp plastic, except that it contains THC. So you can even print a bong and use it to smoke itself! Not only can this save you from a paraphernalia charge in less progressive states, but the finished products don’t smell like conventional cannabis, so you can make everyday objects that will get past drug dogs or airport security, then shave them down and smoke or vaporize them!

Perhaps the best part is that the material (which they call cannoleum) is created by the printer itself by supplying it with 8 household chemical and food products, plus the addition of lawn grass clippings and hash oil (preferably extracted with CO2). So now there’s nothing to stop marijuana activists from flooding the world with their own undetectable cannabis products.

The 3D Pot Printer is scheduled to go on sale April 20.

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