Actor Woody Harrelson is hoping to grab his share of the “green rush” profits by applying for a medical marijuana dispensary operator’s license in his residing state of Hawaii.

Harrelson is a well known advocate for the legalization of hemp and marijuana.

In fact, he’s even been arrested while trying to plant hemp seeds in Kentucky way back in June, 1996. Now he is one of 66 applicants that would like to be awarded a license from the Hawaii Department of Health in which to legally operate medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers in the state.

Lawmakers in Hawaii passed legislation in 2015 that permits the initiation of a medical marijuana cultivation, dispensary and distribution system.

Said system will be comprised of eight licenses with each licensee being permitted to open two cultivation centers and two dispensaries.

It truly does take someone with serious wads of cash in order to even think about getting in the dispensary game in Hawaii.

First of all, you have to have lived in the state for a minimum of five years, which is child’s play compared to the $1 million applicants must possess, plus $100,000 per proposed dispensary. So if you’re interested in applying to open two dispensaries it will cost you $1.2 million just to get your foot in the door.

That’s some tall change.

But I’m sure Woody’s good for it.

He’s probably still cashing syndication royalty checks from Cheers, right?

‘Hey, Sammy. I’m going to save my tips so I can open a store that sells medical weed in Hawaii someday.’

‘Ya, right, Woody. Did you restock the vermouth like I asked? Selling weed in Hawaii…..did you hear that, Norm?!?’

Licenses are slated to be distributed to the lucky licensees in April, while dispensaries are reportedly going to be open for budness in July.

Woody on why hemp should be legal:

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