This month we explore the world of Skywalker OG. The good folks at Silverlake Caregivers have been growing this strain for years and have outdone themselves once again with these babies you see here. Our timing couldn’t have been better as this batch was ready for harvest, so we wanted to show these buds in their natural habitat on the stem, trimmed and cured. The incredible aroma of these Skywalker OG buds had us at first whiff, so let’s dig in.skywalkerog_2

Like many great OG myths, it isn’t easy to completely know the true genetics of many OG strains. When it comes to Skywalker OG, legend has it that it is a combination of the Skywalker strain with the OG Kush strain. The most common knowledge behind Skywalker in itself is an indica dominant hybrid of two strains; the Blueberry strain and the Mazar strain. Old school breeders may argue that Skywalker OG is a phenotype of the OG Kush that was selected for its sativa like effects. The experience that our review team had with these buds was a splendid relaxed time with a fun, uplifted mindset that did not drag us down. That said, later in the evening it helped several of our team members fall into a deep sleep, so this can vary depending on your energy level and activity. Skywalker OG is known to relax the body, so this is also a great evening choice.

At first glance and smell you will agree that this is definitely an OG, the smell is undeniably pungent and strong. In fact, we placed these beauties into a (what we thought) was an airtight container for a few days prior to photography and the smell leaked out and filled the room, awesome! Those that need to keep their cannabis use on the down low; we recommend a strong airtight container, because OG’s are certainly strong. The flavor is outstanding with an array of pine, citrus, with a slight warm sweet finish. The smoke is a smooth medium smoke or vapor, depending on your preference.  

Silverlake Caregivers certainly has the force working for them because this is a great example of some very fine 

Skywalker OG. Silverlake Caregivers have mastered their skills on growing this strain, it is a patient favorite. 

Get going to Silverlake Caregivers and discover a legendary patient collective, make sure you tell the staff that you saw them here in The 420 Times!
Strain Review: Skywalker OG
This strain comes highly recommended by our staffers 🙂
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