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TetraLabs continues to expand their impressive line of cannabinoid rich products with several new CBD rich options. Patients with certain illnesses find relief with CBD, it doesn’t have the euphoric high effect that comes with THC and has been shown to be very effective in epileptic patients particularly.

Finding a reliable source of CBD only products that can be easily dosed and ingested has been difficult over the years until now. TetraLabs has been leading the charge with their state of the art cannabis extraction methods and formulas that can be easily dosed accurately and effectively.product_side_GoldCaps_CBD

Their latest addition is a wonderful option for patients seeking relief, without the high, as well as a combo softgel that is a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Each softgel is measured by 10mg, so it is much easier to properly dose and titrate.

By titrating, the patient can effectively reduce pain or alleviate the symptoms that are being treated throughout the day and night if needed. GoldCaps softgels contain ultra-pure natural cannabinoids with grape seed oil as a transmitting agent for absorption and delivery. The result is a product that has zero pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants.

Also an important note; GoldCaps CBD is crystalized from natural hemp plant extract and is 99% pure, their THC also highly refined. They do not use these “CBD-rich hemp oils” that are often bunk or worse- contaminated on various levels (as you may have read about the dangers of snake oil salesmen.)

We definitely understand how cautious one has to be with CBD fever running rampant. This is one of the reasons why TetraLabs took their time in developing their CBD products; they are focused on quality, purity, and integrity for their patients’ wellbeing.

Stay tuned for our more extensive 30 days of GoldCaps feature next month. Discover a better source for daily dosing your cannabinoids, whether it is for THC, CBD, or both, GoldCaps are the answer.

For more information and to learn more about their patient direct program, visit www.Tetralabs.com 

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