Topical cannabis products are a great way to apply for pain. They can also do much more than we once imagined. Introducing the Sacred brand of cannabis infused bath and body care products.

We took the plunge into relaxing waters with Sacred’s cannabis infused Epsom salt soak bath salts and allowed it to take us away to a great place of relaxed muscles and less joint pain.

This stuff really works!sacred

We really felt more relaxed and in less pain after a 45 minute soak with the bath salts than we would normally feel with a regular bath. Another plus was the soft, clean scent that left our review team feeling clean and smelling fresh.

Every Sacred Mind & Body product has the finest ingredients, the bath soak has Epsom salt, avocado oil, jojoba, lavender oil and quality hybrid cannabis concentrate infused into the mix to produce a really enjoyable experience. Organic ingredients used whenever possible in the process.

Sacred currently has four different products in their line so far; bath salts, personal massage oil, and personal lubricants in both organic and silicone versions (water based and safe to use with condoms.)

Yes, you read right, personal lubricants! Spice up your night with one of these and you’re sure to enhance your experience and senses. The easy to pump bottles make application easy and sanitary.

Perhaps sensitivity isn’t an issue or condoms are not required; then step up your evening with the organic oil version of the personal lubricant. This long-lasting formula ensures optimum pleasure, enhanced circulation, and stimulation all while benefitting from the therapeutic addition of cannabis.

This can also be well suited for women suffering from menopausal symptoms or suffer from cramps. There’s something for everyone with Sacred Mind & Body products. We will continue to investigate, test, and report on our experiences with Sacred, so stay tuned for more to come.

In the meantime visit for more information and locations to get yours soon, every day without these products is a missed opportunity for relaxation and enhanced pleasure.

Check out their current offers and take advantage this month for buy one get one free specials at participating collectives.

Product Review: Sacred Mind & Body Cannabis Infused Products
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