It’s safe to say that we all love gummy candy right? Everyone has a favorite, whether it is gummy bears or sweet peach banana rings, Edipure has you covered. Over the years we have seen medicated candy, but not quite like this.

Edipure’s secret is that each piece is individually injected/infused with cannabis extract to an exact measure, so that each piece has the same amount of THC inside. Most Edipure candies are easily dosed at 10mg per piece; however there are some varieties that are higher mg per piece. The packaging is easy and convenient with a heat sealed top and is re-sealable.EDIPURE

Edipure candies are easy to eat; they taste pretty much like your favorite candy but with a kick. Our reviewers could tell that each piece had cannabis inside, but it was not an unpleasant flavor, the candy and sugary coating is really refreshing and mouthwatering.

After as little as only 20 minutes, several of our team members reported feeling giddy and uplifted and also surprised that the Edipure pieces had taken effect so quickly. Others required additional doses (high tolerance) to be able to tell that they had the desired dosage and effect.

Overall, we really enjoyed the three flavors we tried so far; Rainbow worms, watermelon tarts, and peach banana rings. Each bag has 10 pieces at 10mg of THC per piece.  These are great on the go and won’t melt on you on a hot day.

Get your Edipure on by visiting your favorite collective. Also visit their website for more information and locations 

Product Review: Edipure Edibles
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