Are you among the many cannabis consumers that prefer to orally ingest their weed as opposed to pulling a few rips from the bong? If so, you may be part of the reason the legal marijuana market raked in approximately $5.4 billion in total retail sales (recreational and medical combined) for 2015, and is projected to reach $6.7 billion in 2016.

As we previously reported, the legal retail sales from both medical and recreational marijuana brought in more cash in 2015 than the combined sales of Funyuns, Doritos and Cheetos.

That’s a lot of weed, ya’ll.

I do enjoy the different effects that edibles have to offer in comparison to combusting a bowl, or torching a dab or two, however, I am partial to puffing my stuff.

But those that choose to use edibles on the regular are approximated to make up roughly half of all the reported legal retail marijuana sales from 2015, which is quite fascinating.

Well, to me at least.

According to Christian Hageseth, founder and chairman of American Cannabis Partners, a holding firm for pot-related companies, marijuana infused foodstuffs are “probably the most exciting segment of the marijuana industry.”

And in terms of who will be the industry’s big players in regards to the edibles market, Hageseth says they “still haven’t identified who’s going to be the Apple computers or the McDonald’s hamburger” of that particular division.

Hmm, a medicated McDonald’s hamburger.?. Would it be called the McHashburger? Or maybe some McFries that get you fryed.?.

Meh. It still wouldn’t make anything on their menu taste like food.