A California lawmaker has introduced legislation that would place a tax of 15 percent on the retail sales of medical marijuana.

The legislation in question, which is being championed by Senator Mike McGuire, would set a statewide appraisal with local jurisdictions still permitted to decide whether or not to enact their own additional sales taxes.

Senator McGuire believes passing such legislation would generate revenue that “will be put to strengthening our communities.”

It’s estimated that California’s medical marijuana sales totals at more than $1 billion annually, which would foster $150 million in tax revenue for the state under the proposed bill.

That’s nothing to scoff at by any means.

But will lawmakers be inclined to enact a tax for something that is considered to be a medicine?

According to Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, convincing her fellow lawmakers might prove to be a daunting task, saying that she anticipates “that it will be a difficult choice for members of both parties.”

How do feel about the proposed 15 percent tax for medical marijuana sales?

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