For the closing of his editorial New Rules on his HBO program Real Time, Bill Maher, with a fat cone-style bone in hand, did his best to prompt the cannabis consuming community not to rest on their laurels in regards to the legalization of marijuana on a national basis.

Bill is worried that weed enthusiasts may be a bit too self-assured in respect to their belief that states across the nation will continually accept the legalization of marijuana and rapidly reform their laws regarding its use.

“Yes the pot lovers say ‘It’s only legal in four states now, but Bill, the rest are going to fall like dominoes.’ I hear it all the time, ‘Dominoes. Dominoes!,’ Hey, let’s call Dominoe’s.” Bill articulates.

Bill closes the bit by firing up the joint he’s holding, takes a few puffs, and then passes to the right for other panel members to partake in.

Toke on, Bill.

Enjoy your 4:20, everybody 😉