Artist JonMarc Edwards is introducing local Angelinos with a new exhibition venue MARKET, a small literary minded art space located in the heart of Silverlake.

To celebrate it’s first exhibition MARKET will open with “The Debriti Show” Modeled after a medical marijuana dispensary, however, you will not need a prescription to enter “The Debriti Show” is dispensing something more powerful than any drug… words, as it explores that transformational power of language and tangible text.

What is DEBRITI?
Debriti (composed from the words debris + graffiti) are 3D materials or fragments that have been dropped, thrown or placed illicitly or permitted on the ground, floor or other supporting structure, often in a public space.

DEBRITI represents a new relationship and understanding we have with text. Beyond the inherent “meaning” contained in letters and words, besides the myriad of arrangements and systems that utilize these graphic notations to communicate and emote Texts also have “meaning,” “expression” and practicality in the concrete (physical) form.

Texts have physical attributes that when properly used release energetic forces that can empower your daily life. DEBRITI is the conceptual form made physical.

The MARKET dispensary offers many varieties of DEBRITI and options to choose. Including their one- word packets, the “AIR” variety that flutters at a breath, the rare pink Emily Dickinson, or their standard bag of Green, Red or White 100% all natural DEBRITI.

MARKET is located at 612 Silver Lake Blvd., LA CA 90026 (Cross street is Bellevue, 2 blocks N. off the 101 Silver Lake exit).

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