A “Sensible Marijuana Ordinance” initiative was on the ballot for Toledo voters to ponder over in Lucas County, Ohio, on September 15, 2015.

Voters pondered it, then they approved it.

The initiative in question, Issue 1, decriminalized marijuana by decreasing the penalties of marijuana-related violations, including those considered felonies by state law, to the utter lowest level while weed in fact remains illegal in order to adhere to state law.

Although it does seem a bit confusing, the newly-implemented law is somewhat helpful to those that reside in Toledo that may be popped possessing pot.

Take 18-year-old Lucas County resident Mariah Smith for example.

On November 6, 2015, Smith became one of the first to take advantage of the approved ordinance. She was arrested on October 28, 2015, for marijuana possession. Smith pleaded “no contest” and was found guilty. She was sentenced, despite that, to zero jail time and was not subjected to a fine.

Here’s what Issue 1 was designed to do:

  • Remove any and all jail time and fines for weed violations
  • Put a stop to driver’s license suspension due to pot-related infractions
  • Prohibit any marijuana violation from being reported to any professional licensing board or agency
  • Prevent law enforcement agencies from reporting cannabis encroachments to any powers that be above the local city attorney
  • Forbid civil or criminal asset forfeiture as a result of any marijuana-related infraction

Here’s how Issue 1 was presented to voters on the ballot:

Shall the City of Toledo adopt the sensible marihuana ordinance which protects individual citizen’s rights and saves taxpayers money by lowering the penalty for marijuana to the lowest penalty allowed by state law?

I guess Cleveland isn’t the only city in Ohio that “rocks”, eh?