We receive pounds of search queries each day here at The 420 Times, but there are three searches in particular that topped the list in 2015.

So we thought it would be fun to share those infamous queries with our readers.

1- Simple and Effective Pot Brownie Recipe

The query that tops the list pretty much on a daily basis comes from those lovers of the sweet leaf that are interested in infusing a certain desert food with a few grams of ganja. The pot brownie has been a staple in the cannabis consuming community for ages. However, finding recipes that actually work can be somewhat of a daunting task, which is probably why we receive such a huge amount of inquiries on that poticular subject.

2- Does Drinking Cranberry Juice Cleanse Your System of THC?

The search query that comes in second on the list comes from those cannabis consumers that work for a living and are concerned about passing a drug screening. Stressing out over whether or not you will test positive for THC on a pop pee quiz or pre-employment drug screening sucks, plain and simple. Which is what results in a huge number of cannabis consumers searching for ways to cleanse their bodies of THC and its metabolites.

3- Can Humans Get High on Catnip?

Leave it to those that are apparently truly “in need” of some weed to generate the third most queried search on the list. It seems that when said individuals can’t access some maryjane (or maybe they’re part of the group of folks that fear the pee test??) that they’ll try to smoke just about every herb known to man if they think it might give them a marijuana-esque buzz, even the feline-favorited catnip. ‘It seems to make my cats happy, why wouldn’t it work for me if I sparked it up in my bong?’

Search on, tokers! We’ve got your cannabis-related queries covered 😉

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