No, this isn’t a story created by the comedy geniuses over at The Onion. This story is not only all too real, but in my humble opinion, painfully embarrassing for our country’s sake.

You see, our government’s antiquated policy in regards to drugs has led to corruption and criminality on the part of law enforcement, and in more ways than you can ever imagine possible.

We only see the truly greedy folks that are taking advantage of these outmoded drug policies that get caught with their hands too far in the cookie jar. Those that play it smart and fly under the radar have been wringing the proverbial towel of prohibition for all it’s worth.

As you might be able to tell, I don’t find an acknowledged former Texas officer of the year’s involvement in a Mexican drug cartel to be the slightest bit amusing.

In fact, it infuriates me. As it should you as well.

It’s time for the United States government to resign their antediluvian policy regarding drug consumption and replace it with a shred of common sense.

And as far as the Texas ass-stain and former cop of the year, Noe Juarez?

He was caught on video illegally selling assault rifles and sensitive information to undercover informants, and was found to be directly involved with the Los Zetas cartel.

In addition, Juarez allegedly provided the cartel with firearms, bulletproof vests, luxury vehicles, police scanners, and database access.

Nice work, U.S. federal government.

Way to keep America safe.