One of the best ways to obtain your medical marijuana supply at a significantly low cost is to cultivate your own garden. But there are several cities and counties throughout California that want to ban marijuana cultivation in their municipalities, which truly only hurts the consumer.

The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act was inked into law in October which allows city and county governments to adopt local ordinances to regulate medical marijuana by March 1, 2016.

If said local regulations aren’t set in place by local communities and jurisdictions by that particular date it would be necessary for them to adhere to state mandates.

On Tuesday, in spite of testimony from medical marijuana patients that argued how growing their own supply could help lower the costs involved with using marijuana as a medicine, Paso Robles City Council decided via a unanimous vote to ban personal medical marijuana cultivation within city limits.

The council was given two options:

  1. To prohibit the cultivation of medical marijuana within the city.
  2. To allow exception for limited indoor personal cultivation.

Here’s what concerned citizen Carl Hansen voiced at Tuesday night’s council meeting in Paso Robles, which apparently fell on deaf ears:

For people who need it as medicine, we should allow them to grow it to keep the cost down, because sometimes there isn’t any other medication that will work.

Merced City Council has also introduced an injunction that will ban medical marijuana sales and cultivation within the city’s limits.

I would be willing to bet if Pfizer was eager to set up shop in any one of the town’s that are contemplating, or have actually gone as far as to ban the sales and cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, that they would welcome them with open arms.

How sad for those in need.

Which California city will be the next to ban the cultivation and sales of a plant that has a plethora of medicinal benefits?

Only time will tell.