When you toke up, some of you “get stupid.” Others take a page from the Black Eyed Peas and “get retarded.” (Their words, not ours).

But, despite the “Reefer Madness”-like propaganda and twisted research of the past, using marijuana does not make you dumb.

Researchers at University College London looked at 2,235 teen twins, with some who used pot and some who didn’t, and compared their memory loss and IQs.

The conclusion: There’s no link between cannabis use and lower IQs.

“These findings suggest that adolescent cannabis use is not associated with IQ or educational performance,” a summary states.

A previous American study also found that there was no connection between smoking more pot and a decline in cognitive skills.

So go ahead and get stupid. It’s only temporary.

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Raul Duke has been working as a journalist in Southern California for two decades. The medical marijuana juggernaut is one of his many beats. He's a longtime Westside resident who needs to renew his doctor's recommendation soon. If you have news tips, reach out: raul@the420times.com

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