Not that he has an iceberg’s chance in Africa of becoming our next U.S. president, but you would think that Rand Paul would be a little more open to discussing what the majority of American’s would like to see come into fruition; legalizing pot for recreational and medicinal consumption on a national basis.

However, when Stephen Colbert attempted to question him about “drug-policy reform” during an interview on The Late Show, Paul awkwardly replied by saying “You’re not going to talk about pot, are ya?”

Senator Paul went on to say “I thought you said we weren’t going to talk about pot, Stephen?”, as if to lead us to believe that he and Colbert had hashed out the particulars of the interview beforehand, and that the subject of weed was indeed off the table.

You would think that someone that is campaigning for president would be more inclined to listen to the majority of the populace, rather than continue to act as if cannabis is a taboo topic.

Is this the kind of person you want governing our nation’s affairs? One that could care less about what you think?

Be sure to keep that in mind when making your way to the polls to cast your vote.

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