A disabled mother of two was nearly charged with child endangerment in October after a witness called police, saying they spotted her taking a few puffs of the sticky stuff inside her parked car while one of her daughters was inside.

As it turns out, the mother in question, Enedina Stanger, endures with a condition referred to as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes her joints to spasm, and forces her to rely on a wheelchair.

Which leads me to believe that as we we make this journey through life, maybe we should be more mindful of our own business, as opposed to being a “witness” to shit that is none of your affair to begin with.

Is your neighbor stockpiling guns and weaponry at an alarming rate? Yes, by all means call the cops. Otherwise, use some common sense when contemplating what you think will be a “noble act”.

But I digress.

Back to Stanger’s predicament.

Here’s what Stanger said at the time of her sentencing in regards to why her daughter was in the car with her while she was medicating with marijuana:

On the date in question, my daughter was with me because my collarbones had separated and she didn’t want her mom to hurt by herself. Cannabis is the only thing that the medical community has found that helps me. Because of this, I’ve been forced to leave my state … and most likely [will] die in a place that is not home because the laws have been changed and made like this.

Stanger and her family have since exiled to Colorado so she can use marijuana without fear of criticism via nosey citizens, or without having to worry about facing criminal charges for using a substance that is known to be safer than any pharmaceutical drug available today.

On Monday, Stanger showed up for processing at the cop shop after pleading guilty earlier this month to a drug possession charge, which was a reduction from her original charge of felony child endangerment. The court sentenced her to six months probation and obligatory classes designed to make you a better parent.

It’s way past time to end the madness and bring an end to the prohibition of marijuana consumption.