As we previously reported, several cities and counties throughout California are scrambling to ban the cultivation of medical marijuana for personal use by March 1, 2016, which is when the state will step in and set directives in local communities and jurisdictions regarding medical marijuana.

Merced, California is one of the said towns that has decided to ban cultivation ahead of the March 1, deadline.

It’s also home to a group known as Sisters of the Valley. And although they look the part of nuns, they’re actually not associated with any traditional religious order.

The Sisters of the Valley cultivate cannabis for medicinal consumption, which may explain their high regard to the plant genus marijuana.

But their reverence to medicinal weed has forced them to make a serious decision in regards to defying the city’s ordinance and keeping their grow-op up and running, or following the new law and pulling the plug on their operation.

Well, those nutty gals decided to fly in the face of the new decree and keep on growing their medical ganja.

Grow on, Sisters!

Stay tuned for any new developments regarding the Sisters of the Valley’s commitment to ignore the city’s cultivation ban.

Will the local authorities intervene and force them to obey the law?

[Dun, dun, duh!]

Only time will tell.

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