New research out of Israel shows cutting-edge evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis-derived treatments for those suffering with intractable pediatric epilepsy.

The study in question, which was published in the medical journal Seizure, tells of the observation of five pediatric epilepsy clinics treating kids both young and old diagnosed with intractable epilepsy using cannabis oil rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) as a form of treatment.

There were a total of 74 patients involved with said research between the ages of one and 18. Those enrolled in the study had been diagnosed as having intractable epilepsy after demonstrating to be impervious to seven or more antiepileptic drugs.

Additionally, a total of 66 percent of the study’s patients had also failed treatment with a ketogenic diet, vagal nerve stimulator implantation, or both.

All patients involved started treatment with CBD-rich cannabis oil between February and November 2014 and were treated for period of approximately three months, with the average treatment lasting around six months.

The rate at which the seizures occurred was appraised by the parents of the patients, who then reported the results during the clinical trials.

The trials resulted in a notable affirmative effect on the number of seizures patients endured, with 89 percent of the group that was treated reporting a reduction in the frequency of seizures, with 18 percent of them experiencing a downsizing of seizure activity between 75 and 100 per cent.

There were five patients involved in the trials that reported an aggravation of seizures which forced them to remove themselves from the study.

The study’s researchers concluded that “The results of this multicenter study on CBD treatment for intractable epilepsy in a population of children and adolescents are highly promising. Further prospective, well-designed clinical trials using enriched CBD medical cannabis are warranted.”

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