It’s been reported that weed-lovin’ rapper Wiz Khalifa was seen sharing his stash of the sticky stuff with a few fellow celebrities at a star studded event last week.

On Thursday, during GQ’s 20th Men of the Year event, where Wiz was among those affluent enough to be in attendance, the rap star reportedly had a mason jar loaded full of dank nugs and was quick to offer a sampling to anyone that was brave enough to partake.

The few that were said to have sampled from the jar included celebrities such as French Montana, Tyrese, and Meek Mill.

Other celebrities in attendance that didn’t get their fingers sticky (or at least for the pot-parazzi’s eyes) included Kim Kardashian, her current sugar daddy Kanye West, Kim’s little clone Kylie Jenner, Tyga and the comedian that’s too funny not to smoke weed Amy Schumer.