After much contemplation, and tireless scrutiny.

I’ve come to a conclusion of what the perfect gift to receive for Christmas would be.

I don’t need another pipe.

Nor do I need another bong.

"Ho, ho, holy crap that's good weed!"

“Ho, ho, holy crap that’s good weed!”

But I do need something that doesn’t seem to last me all that long.

No matter how hard I try to conserve it, or even when I hide it from myself.

I just can’t keep a constant supply on my shelf.

Maybe I should grow it, so I get my stash with little cost to me.?.

But at the rate I consume the stuff I would need plants the size of trees!

So to all those folks with my name on your Christmas list, let me make the present-purchasing task as simple as this, weed.

cheech and chong tshirtYes, I know it seems odd but it’s all I truly desire.

So return the Cheech & Chong t-shirt you picked out, please, and buy me a sack of fire.

Don’t stress yourself over the strain, whether it’s Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid, it truly doesn’t matter.

shatter waxI would even be joyful about a nice slab of shatter.

Some edibles would be cool too, although, I do prefer to puff.

So you’d probably be better off going with a few grams of the sticky stuff.

I hope this gift request doesn’t seem demanding.

That’s not how I meant for it to sound.

But if Santa Claus himself were to ask me what I want for Christmas this year I would have to be honest and say, “I’ll take some dank by the pound.”

Hashy Holidaze from all of us here at The 420 Times!