The U.S. Postal Service says you can have all the marijuana advertising you want in your print publication. You just can’t send it through the mail.

The revelation came to the surface in Oregon in recent weeks after the USPS issued a memo on the matter. “If a mailpiece contains an advertisement for marijuana, that mailpiece is nonmailable …”


The service says that, because pot is still a Schedule I drug under federal law, and because the USPS is forbidden from mailing content that promotes commerce involving such narcotics, “it would violate USPS standards” to ship material containing weed ads.

Congressional Democrats from Oregon are not happy with the policy. They’ve fired off a letter to the service.

“We are working as a delegation to quickly find the best option to address this agency’s intransigence,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, the outdated federal approach to marijuana as described in the response from the Postal Service undermines and threatens news publications that choose to accept advertising from legal marijuana businesses in Oregon and other states where voters also have freely decided to legalize marijuana.”

The service is sticking by its policy. For now.