On Wednesday, Minnesota’s Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger announced that intractable  pain would be added to the state’s medical marijuana program’s list of qualifying conditions.

Said addition is slated to take effect starting in the summer of 2016, which will undoubtedly open the program to a much larger roster of patients.

Currently Minnesota’s medical marijuana program is struggling reportedly due to overpriced marijuana at dispensaries and a diminutive register of patients. But the state’s government is hopeful that the decision to expand the conditions list would increase interest in registering for the program.

And believe it or not, Health Commissioner Ehlinger claims there was more than increased revenue behind the state’s decision to make the addition to the program. He says that they’re actually concerned about the state’s residents’ health.

Here’s what Health Commissioner Ehlinger had to say:

I knew the decision was not just about medicine and objective science. It was also about people, people who had been suffering — many of them for many, many years without lasting relief from their severe, persistent, intractable pain.

Now, if they could just work on bringing the prices of medical marijuana down maybe they could actually make a few million bucks in tax revenue, right?

Just sayin’.