Have you ever been to Branson, MO to see the official Guinness World Records-acknowledged largest ball of twine?

Me either.

But you might have an interest in traveling a couple hours Northeast of Branson to Salem to see what political activist and candidate for United States Senate Chief Wana Dubie hopes to be the world’s largest ball of hemp.

That’s if he ever gets the ole hemp ball rollin’.

Chief Wana Dubie’s hemp-ball mission has two motives; to roll a giant ball of hemp onto the Dent County Courthouse lawn next year as a symbolic gesture of protest; and to obtain a spot in the official book of Guinness World Records.

Here’s what the Chief told Salem News in regards to his hemp-ball undertaking:

I’ve been saying for years our leaders need to start taking hemp more seriously as a resource. I guess I’ll literally have to dump it on the politicians’ front lawn in order to get them to have a look at its potential.

In addition, the Chief believes Salem could benefit financially from having a tourist attraction like a giant hemp ball.

“Branson gets a lot of tourism money thanks in part to that big ball of twine,” Chief Wana Dubie voiced. “Why can’t Salem get a piece of that action with a giant ball of hemp?”

Damn straight, Chief.

Preach it, dude!

The giant ball of hemp brigade is slated to get rollin’ on April 20, 2016.