A recently conducted statewide survey shows that Georgians overwhelmingly support expanding the state’s current medical marijuana program.

Currently Georgia’s medical marijuana law only permits patients enduring certain ailments to register with the program, but cultivation of the plant is still prohibited in the state.

But Georgia Representative Allen Peake, author of the current legislation and advocate for its expansion, wants said legislation’s language extended to allow medical marijuana to be produced within state lines.

And the voters agree.

According to Georgians for Freedom in Health Care, 84.5 percent of the state-registered voters that were polled would indeed rubber-stamp (approve) expanding the present law to permit in state cultivation and production of marijuana for medicinal use under firm regulation and security.

Here’s what Representative Peake told 11Alive News Atlanta in regards to the poll’s results:

There is no issue in Georgia that unites our fellow citizens like this one. People all across our state, young and old, black and white, need this medicine and they expect our government to create an infrastructure where they can have access to a safe and legal product.

It’s been reported that the state’s governor, Nathan Deal, has expressed his concerns regarding the move to allow cultivation, saying that he has yet to see evidence there is a suitable way to do so.

Listen to the people and let it grow, yo.