It’s been another stellar year for the cannabis culture with more states across the nation reforming laws regarding marijuana for either recreational or medical consumption.

And it looks as if 2016 might have a few victories in store for our community as well.

But only time will tell.

So, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we thought we would take a brief look back at some of our dankest news stories from 2015 that celebrate the culture’s successes.

Recreational Marijuana:

Alaska Legalizes Pot Bars – 

Smoking weed at pot bars or lounges inside dispensaries will soon be legal in Alaska. The state’s Marijuana Control Board voted 3-2 recently to allow licensed cannabis sellers to allow smoking. The board changed the definition of smoking in public, which is prohibited, to carve out an exception for the shops.

Marijuana Consumers Prefer Legal Retailers –

The publication Marijuana Business Daily revealed some of the results of its fourth annual Marijuana Consumer Survey. It discovered that marijuana users in states where it’s legal prefer getting their medication from legit storefronts.

Will Florida Legalize Weed For Recreational Purposes in 2016? –

Voters in Florida could have the opportunity to decide whether marijuana is legalized for recreational dedications in 2016, but that’s if the pro-pot organization Regulate Florida collects enough signatures in order to land their initiative on the ballot.

Medical Marijuana:

Marijuana States Get Protected from DEA – 

As expected, language in the $1.8 trillion federal spending bill recently passed by Congress seeks to protect patients in medical marijuana states such as California.

Pot Is Safe Therapeutic Alternative for Pain Management, Study Shows –

As if those of us in-the-know weren’t already fully aware, newly published research shows that it is safe to use cannabis as a longterm curative alternative for pain management.

PTSD: Can Smoking Marijuana Reduce the Symptoms? –

Clinical research out of New Mexico suggests that smoking cannabis could play a vital role in reducing key symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Boundless Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) –

The component of the marijuana plant that has taken the proverbial spotlight as of late is Cannabidiol (CBD), which is believed to hold more medicinal benefits than any single pharmaceutical drug available on today’s market.

Judge Says Weed Can Be Sold in Montana –

A judge just upended Montana’s limited medical marijuana law.

District Judge James Reynolds of Helena struck down provisions of the law that really made it legalization in name only. Namely, he said, sure, you can sell cannabis for profit. And he said you can advertise your pot business too.

California’s Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act –

The signing of said Act will institute a comprehensive regulatory structure for the state’s medical marijuana program, which is an issue that was left unaddressed when Proposition 215 was initially established back in 1996.

Patient Sues Border Patrol Over Right to Possess Medical Marijuana –

What’s a guy to do about the fear of imprisonment for merely being in possession of something he’s licensed with his home state to possess and consume?

Well, you get yourself a lawyer and file an injunction against the U.S. Border Patrol in connection with how folks are questioned by the agency at checkpoints.

The War on Drugs:

Obama Will Free Many Nonviolent Drug Offenders from Prison –

President Obama is set to use his pen-wielding hand to release dozens of federal prisoners currently behind bars for nonviolent drug offenses.

Obama Freed More Nonviolent Drug Offenders from Prison –

Just days before Santa Claus is slated to make his rounds, President Obama commuted sentences for an additional 95 nonviolent drug offenders.

United Nation Leans Toward Decriminalization –

The United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime reportedly prepared a briefing paper calling for nations to end the international War on Drugs and decriminalize self medication.

Celebrities and Marijuana:

Willie Nelson Talks About His New Brand of Weed –

As we recently reported, Willie Nelson, the man that may be best known for singing about a river flowing with a barrel-aged distilled spirit, has announced that he’ll be lending his name to a brand of the sticky stuff aptly named “Willie’s Reserve”.

Family of Bob Marley and Privateer Holdings Unveils World’s First Global Cannabis Brand –

Members of Bob Marley’s family have joined forces with the Seattle-based company Privateer Holdings in order to launch what will be known as the world’s first international brand of cannabis under the trade name Marley Natural.

On the Lighter Side:

Woman Unknowingly Drives Pounds of Pot Around in Van for Several Years –

They weren’t rolling doobies down by the river, but Melodie Peil and her family were using their gently used 1990 Chevy van to roll around town when they discovered a stowaway that had been bumming a ride with them for about the last 15 years, 13 and a half pounds of marijuana packaged for transport.

We can only hope 2016 delivers as much dank marijuana news as we’ve experienced these past 365 daze. 

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to our website and magazine.

Hashy New Year to all and keep on tokin’ along with The 420 Times in 2016!