This is a special time of year for outdoor growers known as harvest season. For those of us that can rely on our meds grown indoors, we can count on fresh buds all year long. In this month’s issue, the good folks at Reseda Discount Caregivers are raising the bar again with their Trainwalker. It is a combination of Trainwreck and Skywalker. Hands down the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked,  it’s a marriage of two strong strains that made a baby, and this baby will have your mouth watering and your senses lifted.  Smell it, SMELL it! Oh yeah, you can’t here…but read on- then go to Reseda Discount Caregivers (RDC) to find out how heavenly this strain really is!  

In order to know Trainwalker, you have to know about its parents. Trainwreck has a whole lot of urban myths as to how it came to be. One myth explains that this mystery strain was harvested by a couple of brothers in Northern California; they had the good sense to develop a cross of three other strains; Thai (sativa), Mexican (Sativa), and Afghani (indica). Legend has it that the brothers had to pull their plants earlier than planned due to a train wreck occurring nearby with the concern that their plants could be spotted or seized.  Luckily, the plants were ready for harvest sooner than expected and the result is a 90/10 sativa dominant strain that is sure to set any patient into a pleasant euphoric haze. Through our research, most trainwreck samples can test as high as 18%THC in today’s marketplace.  But hold on, it gets so much better.

Skywalker is a favorite strain among patients that seek a strong indica effect with a light sativa head buzz that balances it out. The effects reported include enhanced relaxation, euphoria, pain reduction, and ferocious appetite! Skywalker is a combination of the Mazar strain (which is from Afghanistan) and DJ Short’s Blueberry strain.  The Mazar strain has been known to grow up to twelve feet in height and have a considerable amount of CBD, which would explain its powerful pain relief in combination with the blueberry strains’ long lasting effects and a pleasant sense of euphoria.  

So, as I said earlier, when the super cannabis strains get together and make babies, everyone wins!  Trainwalker is a product of carefully mating the best with the best. This sample here proved to be everything we were hoping it to be. At first glance, you notice the cone shaped buds, light green with a sparse sprinkling of dark green leaves, followed by the bright orange hairs. They are also very dense and sticky with a field of trichomes that dazzle in the light.  The smell is also unique as we recognized the unique smell of the trainwreck present which has a spicy pine and sweet citrus combination, followed by a more pungent earthy note in the end.  Trainwalker also tested well with a 23%THC and 0.62%CBD result. Our review team couldn’t get enough of this strain; we found it to be a great sativa dominant hybrid. That said, it’s certainly not a strain designed for productivity.  Trainwalker will simply make you want to medicate, watch TV and relax, which makes it one of the best evening sativas. 

Available exclusively at Reseda Discount Caregivers in Los Angeles

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