Fall is finally here in So Cal, the famous Santa Ana winds are here; indicating fall is in the air- who said California doesn’t have seasons! If you’re in need of a vacation but can’t get away or for that matter can’t afford one right now, then this is your next best option. Maui Wowie earned its popularity in the mid 1970’s; a few brave souls started bringing seeds from the tropical islands and planting them in hopes of recreating what they smoked while in Hawaii. The stories we’ve heard of folks carrying seeds back in their boots or shoes to smuggle them back to the mainland are pretty epic, especially in a time when you could carry more than 2 ounces of shampoo in your bag!

Maui Wowie is a very sweet and aromatic strain that lifts and inspires. We found this variety of the strain to be crossed with the infamous Master P strain found at Kind 4 Less in Sun Valley. After initially smelling this batch of bliss, we were compelled to believe the hype. Maui Wowie P is a very unique and powerful combination that enlists the qualities of each strain, with a clear balance and head. The Maui side reminds us of smarties candies, sweet with a hint of tartness. The Master P side is a strong OG that hits your nose almost at the same time with a hint of earthy goodness. Deciphering the aromas was truly a challenge this time around due to the complexity of the terpenes within this powerful combo.

The effects of this strain created a relaxed body feeling, with an uplifting and creative mindset. A member of our review crew described it as “a vacation in a jar!” It relaxes the body but won’t make you lazy or couch locked. It would make an excellent yoga buddy, so long as you’ve had some caffeine to offset fatigue from a long day. The sativa side of the Maui Wowie will inspire and uplift the mind, allowing for creative activities, inspiring ideas, or great conversations.  Overall, we could not be more pleased with the results that this strain has to offer.  The Master P side will demand food, so be mindful of the munchies with this one.  Late night trips to the kitchen lead to incredible combinations as we discovered with our review team.  I know what you’re thinking, but don’t judge- cause we’re all guilty of the mega munchies.
Maui Wowie P is certainly a powerhouse!  On average, typical Maui Wowie tests at around 16% THC, however this strain truly shows off its talents and genes at nearly 23% THC. It also has small less than 1% CBD factor, and although that seems small, we felt less pain in problem areas and the stretching that we did while medicated was amazing. The more you medicate with this strain, the more you will feel like you stepped into paradise, and for the time- forget your worries for another day.

Tell them you read about it here at The 420 Times, Southern California’s homegrown magazine and website.
Experience this strain and believe for yourself by picking up some Maui Wowie P at:
Kind 4 Less
9364 San Fernando Rd.
Sun Valley, CA  91352


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