Oregon voters might have approved recreational marijuana last year, but that doesn’t mean the state’s towns can’t enact their own rules.

The city council in the town of Medford last week voted to ban even personal, residential cannabis cultivation. The 6-2 vote needs to be affirmed with another vote today.

The law would make growing a ticket-style violation and not a criminal charge. City officials say they’ve received dozens of complaints from citizens about indoor and outdoor grows.

Backers of Oregon’s successful legalization effort are hoping the second vote will provide an opportunity to backpedal and keep growing legal.

“There’s talk of doing this throughout Jackson County and other jurisdictions as well,” said Anthony Johnson of New Approach Oregon. “We can’t let this happen.”

“We are teaming up with advocates from Medford and across the state to fight this terrible new ordinance,” he said in a statement. “Other bad ordinances are passing in different jurisdictions, but the one in Medford is particularly dangerous and we need to stop it before it spreads further.”