A new report from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration confirms the obvious:

Among all the drugs they deal with on a daily basis, pot is the least of cops’ worries.

The DEA looked at 2014 drug crime data from 1,105 state and local law enforcement agencies to come up with its just-released National Drug Threat Assessment report.

Cannabis was identified as the least problematic drug, with only six percent of responding agencies naming it as an issue.

Nearly three-fourths of the agencies said heroin and meth were top drug threats, according to the report.

It’s clear that heroin has become a huge problem in the heartland. Law enforcers say the heroin threat is four times worse than it was just seven years ago.

Experts believe that Americans’ appetite for opioid painkillers, which are prescribed legally, has become a gateway to opium’s potent and addictive form, heroin.

However, cops believe the threat from prescription painkillers themselves has subsided in the last two years.

Marijuana, meanwhile, is the most popular illicit drug, but police believe it presents the least amount of problems.

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