This is most definitely one of the best inventions to hit the market this year. The Caddy is quite possibly your bong’s new best friend and yours too!

The Caddy can protect and stabilize your piece like no other product we’ve ever experienced. It is adjustable to fit most shapes and sizes of water pipes, ideal for 4.5 to 6.5 inch bases. For water pipes that have a wine glass base and are somewhat narrow, you can also add the Caddy base insert to fill in the space surrounding the tube, adding even more protection and stability to your fragile prized piece.

The outside pocket is ideal to store tools, scrapers, dab tools and whatever else that needs to go along for the ride. There are two lighter elastic slots as well as a wider elastic strap that can hold a medicine bottle. There’s no excuses anymore for party fouls or broken water pipes now that the Caddy is here.

Get yours and one for a friend by visiting  Enter 1SM420 into the promo section at check out for an exclusive discount offer.

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