Germany’s health ministry has proposed setting up a state cannabis agency that would regulate the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

According to a draft bill, those suffering with certain ailments would have access to cannabis via a prescription from a licensed physician, and it would be funded by the patient’s health insurance.

As of right now, approximately 400 patients suffering with chronic pain have been legally permitted to obtain cannabis at their own expenses via suppliers in the Netherlands. But the means in which the cannabis is transported has led to patients waiting as long as two weeks or more to restock their supply of medicine.

Marlene Mortler, Germany’s federal commissioner on drugs and the draft bill’s lead advocate, says passing said bill will help those in need legally obtain their weed.

Here’s what Mortler said:

It is our goal that in the future, more people in Germany will be able to receive cannabis as medicine than has been the case until now. We want to get this law through the Bundestag [the lower house of German parliament] by the end of the year so it can take effect in 2016.

And where does the U.S. government stand on helping the seriously-ill obtain cannabis as a therapeutic?

Oh ya. Maybe someday.?.

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