Forget everything you know about consuming concentrates and get ready for the future of dabbing. Introducing the Prodigy by Spry, this revolutionary vape will change your mind and life once you discover all the amazing benefits this technology has to offer. We had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Spry team at our office, who flew in just to demo it specifically for our review team, so that we can bring you this exclusive first look.  

The Prodigy by Spry is the result of a team of childhood friends that got together to develop a healthier and smarter method of ingesting concentrates. We found them to be very passionate and dedicated to making the concentrate experience entirely different from any other method currently available. This team of cannabis and concentrate enthusiasts want the Prodigy to be the very best it can be, not only for those who use it but also for themselves. Many patients simply don’t want to feel like they’re breaking bad when consuming their cannabis on any level, not to mention the potential for 3rd to 4th degree burns that is becoming more common amongst the community of concentrate enthusiasts. No one should have to wear that badge of horror just on the basis of medicating with concentrates.

The idea came to Nainoa, the founder of Spry, when he and his friends were discouraged by that familiar stigma that consumers feel about ingesting concentrates with primal technology (torches and nails). Nainoa and his team at Spry moved from their homeland in Hawaii to the mainland to pursue the project. This highly motivated and entrepreneurial group has spent over a year developing the Prodigy.  The final result of constant tinkering and engineering is about to make history. The Spry team has thought of everything that a consumer would want, and more. So let’s get into it.

The Prodigy is an electronic concentrate water vape essentially, but there’s far more to it than its sleek and appealing design and function. These guys have thought of everything; this wireless wonder is the first of its kind, yes I said wireless! Once the Prodigy is charged for three hours, the wireless charge will last roughly 30 minutes with continuous and precise temperature control. The unit will heat to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Spry team recommends a starting temp setting at 700°F and then gauging according to the type of the concentrate as well as the users preferences. The flavor and size of the clouds that were being formed during our tests were incredible, effortless and without a major cough fest.  There is no need to heat concentrates beyond a temp that vaporizes them efficiently. Traditionally torched nails can reach upwards of 1600°F, which is complete overkill and destroys flavor. Not to mention a hot nail can also cause some serious injury.

We brought in our Spliffin concentrates for our experiments with the Prodigy and we were excited to share them with the Spry team member who flew in just for the sesh. We all were completely stunned by the intense flavor and effects they had on us all. The efficiency of each dab seemed to go on and on, every drop was consumed with several inhalations each time. The review team got spoiled between the Spliffin concentrates and the Prodigy- to the point that they may never look at dabbing the same way again. 

Order yours today during the limited time pre-release sale at an incredible value of only $420 (a savings of almost $300 before the Prodigy’s official release date.) Go to

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