The latest and greatest from O.PenVape is their reserve line of concentrated cannabis prefilled cartridges. Without taking anything away from the O.PenVape line of cartridges, (which are fabulously potent and flavorful) the reserve version is one hundred percent cannabinoids with no additional ingredients to enhance the vape-ability of the product itself. Whatever they did, it works great! Every hit from the flavors we tried was consistent and full of flavor. Regardless of our review team members tolerance, each member immediately felt the power that these 420mg cartridges. 

The flavors of each strain, richly produced in each pull will have you chanting O.PenVape! The science behind O.PenVape’s process of extraction starts with top shelf quality cannabis, which is extracted using the same organic proprietary process as the original O.PenVape formulation. The super critical CO2 closed loop process removes all matter that you don’t want; chlorophyll, fats, lipids, as well as other impurities. The final polishing process of each strain specific batch results in a highly refined, potent oil that is pure, consistent and has all the terpenes that makes cannabis so unique and tasty. O.PenVape cartridges are truly unique and a rich experience with each puff. Also, because the reserve does not have any carriers to help it vape, it only takes a few puffs before you start to feel the vibe.  

We tried two different O.PenVape Reserve flavors, a hybrid strain called Banana Split as well as an indica strain called Afgoo. Both are rich in flavor and kept up with our demand to stay lifted and never want to come down. The aroma that leaves your lips as you exhale the vapor is sweet, cannabis like, but is not overwhelming. We took our O.PenVapes with us everywhere (places that we don’t want to divulge and spoil future fun.)  To most people not in the know- they won’t know what you’re vaping on; the O.PenVape is a perfect discreet method of medicating. You can always travel downwind from nosey people in our experience.

We know what’s inside, and that’s what counts these days! There are a lot of choices when it comes to cannabis, especially in the oil department. It’s good to know that companies like O.PenVape are holding themselves to a much higher standard on all levels of production. Not only are their products quality tested at each stage but even the packaging is recyclable and produced with wind power (what?!) That’s right friends, these folks have thought of everything, from the harvest to the extraction, to the packaging and labeling; each reserve O.PenVape cartridge is lab tested with results right on the box! For example, the banana split hybrid cartridge that we ingested indicated that it is 100% pure cannabis oil, 56.6% THC, 0.2 CBD, 0.7%CBN by volume. Those are well balanced numbers for any discerning patient that expects only the best. Once again, we have only great things to say about O.PenVape’s latest champion oil cartridges. Pick up some for yourself today and become an O.PenVape fan immediately.

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