U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg called medical marijuana “a joke” earlier this month.

Now seven U.S. representatives have formally asked the White House, via letter, to replace him.

The letter was spearheaded by pro-pot congressman Earl Blumenaur of Oregon. “Mr. Rosenberg is not the right person to lead the DEA,” the letter says.

“His statements are indicative of a throwback ideology rooted in the failed war on drugs,” the letter says. “They do not reflect … the opinion of the American people … ”

The Marijuana Majority has started a Change.org petition to gather support for replacing Rosenberg.

“Medical marijuana is not a ‘joke’ to the millions of seriously ill patients in a growing number of states who use it legally in accordance with doctors’ recommendations,” the organization says.

The petition has more than 105,000 endorsements so far.

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Raul Duke has been working as a journalist in Southern California for two decades. The medical marijuana juggernaut is one of his many beats. He’s a longtime Westside resident who needs to renew his doctor’s recommendation soon. If you have news tips, reach out: raul@the420times.com

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