Proponents of one of the marijuana legalization initiatives aiming for the 2016 ballot in California are warning that Ohio’s failure to pass that state’s own attempt to make it legal could provide a lesson for Golden State pot proponents.

Organizers of the ReformCA initiative known as the Control, Regulate, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2016 note that proponents in Ohio collected 320,000 signatures and spent $25 million on their failed campaign.

That’s a lot of cash.

Critics were concerned that the Ohio measure would have given virtual monopolies to marijuana big business.

“The Ohio investor-funded and investor-controlled campaign was viewed as a stalking horse for business monopolies instead of reasonable cannabis reform to help Ohioans,” ReformCA said in a statement.

Still, if they couldn’t do it with one initiative and $25 million (the measure in Ohio lost with 65 percent of the voters opposed), it won’t be easy in California, where multiple initiatives are aiming for the ballot and splitting up possible financial support.

“We cannot make the same mistake in California,” ReformCA said.

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