Over the weekend, The Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform publicized the filing of circulation language that is designed to allure Californians to sign a petition that would land their initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational consumption on the state’s 2016 ballot.

Said initiative would tax, regulate and legalize the possession of up to an ounce of weed for those of the age 21 or older.

In addition, the initiative would produce an entity referred to as the Office of Cannabis Regulation that would operate under the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Anyone looking to operate a marijuana-related business, such as a retailer, delivery service, cultivator, etc., would need to apply for a related business license.

As far as taxation for the retailing of weed, the initiative would create a 5 percent tax on the sales of pot.

If you would like to grow professionally, you’ll be subjected to a $2 per square foot tax for your grow space as well as a tax of $5 to $15 per ounce of weed that is produced.

The initiative in question is up against at least a half dozen other competing initiatives that would likewise enjoy seeing their measure make the ballot in 2016, but ReFormCA believes their effort has the best chance of landing on the ballot.

Here’s what RefromCA had to say in regards to their cannabis challengers:

We believe this effort has the most statewide input and consensus, and thus the greatest likelihood of succeeding on the 2016 ballot.

Good luck, Californians! It’s way past time to legalize recreational weed in The Golden State.

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