Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was recently a guest on a radically right-wing radio show hosted by Glenn Beck who asked about the candidate’s stance on the so-called “war on drugs”.

Here’s how the question played out:

Host Glenn Beck: Do you continue the war on drugs?

Ben Carson: Absolutely.

Host Beck: You do?

Ben Carson: I would intensify it.

Hmm. He “would intensify it”, eh?

Well, I’m sorry, Ben, but I’m not sure whether or not your position on this subject matter could be more antiquated.

Are you not in touch with what the majority of Americans support?

I can tell your for a fact that a better part of the populace is not in favor of perpetuating an outmoded federal drug policy that wastes colossal piles of revenue while incarcerating countless individuals for nonviolent drug crimes.

The federal government’s attempt to eradicate drugs in the U.S. has proven to be a prodigious failure, and you’d like to not only keep it going, but would choose to escalate said unsuccessful policy?

Not that we would ever consider voting Republican, but you just gave us one more superb reason not do just that, Ben.

Oh, and by the way, comedian Bill Engvall has a message for you and your party.

Just hit play 🙂