A new group of pro-legalization cops has just formed.

If you think all police are jack-booted thugs, you’re wrong. The folks at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition have long been supporters of legal marijuana and the decriminalization of self medicating.

This week LEAP announced that more than 130 cops, police brass and prosecutors from all 50 U.S. states are forming a new organization, Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration (LELRCI).

The group wants to see what has happened in California with Prop. 47, which essentially turned holding a small amount of drugs into a ticket-style offense, happen across America.

LELRCI said in a statement that it also wants “to reduce crime and improve public safety by reducing needless incarceration and harmful mandatory minimum sentences” while “improving access to rehabilitation services for those with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.”

Hug a cop already.

The new group says dumb U.S. drug laws and enforcement flushes $80 billion year down the drain in incarceration and takes breadwinners away from their families. The cash could go to rehab, job training and education, it argues.

Co-founder Neill Franklin, a former cop and longtime leader at LEAP, says:

As our nation’s top police and prosecutors reflect back on their careers, we have come to understand that many of the so-called tough-on-crime principles to which many of us gave our lives are flat-out wrong. We can reduce crime and incarceration at the same time, but to do that we need alternatives to arrest, balance in our laws, and continued improvement in community relations. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is honored to be a part of this distinguished group.