Voters in Florida could have the opportunity to decide whether marijuana is legalized for recreational dedications in 2016, but that’s if the pro-pot organization Regulate Florida collects enough signatures in order to land their initiative on the ballot.

The champion of Regulate Florida, Michael Mirandi, claims his group will use “science” and “stats” in order to win over voters to their cause.

Mirandi, a West Palm Beach attorney, has joined forces with fellow attorney Bill Wohlsifer and marijuana activist Karen Goldstein to form the firm Sensible Florida, and the correlated group Regulate Florida.

The group has designed a proposal, the “Florida Cannabis Act”, that would change the state’s constitution in order to legalize marijuana for recreational for adult use similar to alcohol.

Said initiative would permit adults age 21 and older to purchase and possess up to an ounce of the good-good. And, if licensed, those same adults could cultivate up to six plants in the privacy of the residence.

Here’s what Mirandi told the New Times in regards to his group’s initiative:

Realistically, it gives adults the choice to use cannabis for whatever and whenever they want.

As it should be on a national basis, right? Just sayin’.

Good luck in 2016, Floridians!

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