Dear growers:

If you’re, uh, providing medicine in certain quantities, you might want to invest in a good ventilation system.

After neighbors started complaining about a “strong odor” of “fresh marijuana” starting Sept. 11, Burbank Police Narcotics Detectives got to work.

Soon they focused on a warehouse in the 2100 block of Kenmere Avenue in Burbank. They obtained a search warrant to get a good look, which they did on Thursday, the department says.

Guess what they found?

You are correct: Cops allege they found an “indoor grow operation” that contained 1,200 plants worth an estimated half a million dollars on the “street.”

(Does anyone still sell pot on the street?)

What do you get for guessing right? A little bit wiser.

Michael Hutchinson a 53 year old from Burbank, Jeremy Mendelsohn a 26 year old from Sherman Oaks and Michael Mosley a 41 year old from Simi Valley weren’t as lucky as you, according to the Burbank department.

They were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis (California health and safety code 11358), police said.

Their prize was being jailed on $50,000 bail, with a court date scheduled for today, they said.

Burbank police say “code violations,” mostly related to wiring power for the alleged grow, also occurred.

“The Burbank Police Department will continue to actively enforce marijuana laws and preserve the quality of life our residents, business owners and visitors have come to expect,” cops said in a statement.

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