This isn’t really shocking news.

The publication Marijuana Business Daily revealed some of the results of its fourth annual Marijuana Consumer Survey. It discovered that marijuana users in states where it’s legal prefer getting their medication from legit storefronts.

According to a summary from the publication, “Nearly 70% of marijuana users in states where dispensaries and/or recreational stores are open for business obtain cannabis exclusively through legal means.”


Only 17 percent of those surveyed stayed with “my guy,” e.g., the black market.

The results suggest that legalization, both medical and recreational, wipes out the illicit cannabis trade.

Marijuana Business Daily:

Nearly 90% of medical and recreational users typically obtain cannabis through illegal means in states where they don’t have access to dispensaries/rec stores.

The publication says it surveyed 1,600 medical and recreational users across the United States.

“The figures provide one of the clearest indications yet that marijuana legalization and cannabis businesses are highly effective in steering patients and general marijuana users away from the black market,” Marijuana Business Daily’s Becky Olsen wrote.

Remember, if you’re in California, it looks likely that you’ll have the opportunity to vote on cannabis legalization for those 21 and older next year.