Well, it looks as if Washington is seeing positive effects from legalizing marijuana for recreational consumption. The state has cashed in big! And, all without a single cloud coming crashing to the ground.

According to reports from the Washington State Liquor Control Board, state-authorized weed retailers sold over $257 million dollars worth of the good-good, which generated more than $64 million via the state’s sticky stuff income tax.

After tacking on local sales and supplementary taxes, the tally of tax revenue collected by the state calculates out at over $70 million.

Can you say, “Cha ching!”

Here’s what Tom Angell, chairman of the advocacy group Marijuana Majority, told our friends at The Huffington Post in regards to Washington’s weed windfall:

These impressive numbers are likely to catch the eyes of policymakers in other states that could use a little help closing their budget gaps.

Whoa. How insightful.

I think even Helen Keller could have made that observation.

But, yes. It is high time state’s without these types of laws jump on the green rush bandwagon and ride it for all it’s worth.

Because let’s face it, folks, we all know wasting oodles of tax dollars attempting to eradicate a medicinal herb is futile at best.

It’s time for change. Like, yesterday.

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